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If you enjoy Masse Pool, you might enjoy some of these links as well. My apologies if some are out-of-date.

Other Java Pool Games

Masse Pool offers the most realistic physics, and the best game play of any Java pool game out there. And it's the only place on the web where you can try out the Hoover Brother's Pool Games . But there are many other great Java pool games in town. Here are some of them, best first:

3-D Pool, by FlyOrDie Software
Wow! Excellent 3-D graphics. Great physics. Logon and play others online. Great physics.

Gallus Pool, by Raymond Glennie
9-ball with great physics including spin and masse. Realistic rolling balls. Play others on the internet.

Play 8-ball, 9-ball, and 3-ball with others on the internet. Chat rooms and tournaments.

PasiWorld Pool
Play 8-ball or 9-ball with others on the internet! Quality graphics, good physics.

Merkin's Pool Hall, by Alex A
Play 8-ball with others on the internet! Or practice yourself. Quality graphics, mediocre physics with spin.

Pretty Good Pool, by CleverMedia
2-D and a simple 3-D version. Good graphics. Great physics. Shows ball trajectories as you line up your shot.

Java Pool, by Frank Calzada
Good graphics. Great physics. Shows ball trajectories as you line up your shot.

FreeArcade 9-Ball, by Shigeru Oohara
Play 9-ball against a computer opponent.

Pool Sharks
A decent 8-ball with a high score list and chat.

Playground Pool, by Daniel Abplanalp
Simple pool applet with good physics, and a high score list.

Web Billiard, by Michael Gnatz
Networked pool with decent graphics but poor physics.

Virtual Pool, by Eric Soroos
Not bad, but nothing special about it. Mediocre physics.

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